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You: Old and Unimproved for the New Year

new years

And that’s just the way you should be

As January approaches and we are stuffed with regret from all the turkey and cookies and champagne that we overloaded on, we must be wary of the marketing of a “New You” that the month of elf improvement (oops, that is for the North Pole edition) I mean, that the month of self improvement brings.

Be suspicious of anything that says you will become “New and Improved” if you just buy this or just buy that — from a simple magazine full of organizational tips, to the famous Slim Thigh’sLippo Home Sippo Sucker DIY Liposuction machine (that can be yours for only 50 installments of $19.99).

I remember one New Year’s I decided to wean myself from the sugar in my coffee. This is so easy, I thought. I’m doing great.  It only took me three weeks to notice that I had suddenly started eating powdered sugar doughnuts for breakfast instead of my usual eggs and toast. Oh, this takes hard work.

If you are motivated to improve yourself in 2012 then I say go ahead, but if you are telling yourself: “If I buy this one thing then I will finally be happy, and/or I will finally be worthy of love,” then know this is a lie you are being told by someone who is probably trying to make a profit off of you.

So as New Year’s Day approaches and you sit down to come up with resolutions, maybe this year you can put away the fear, and the disappointment, and the inferiority complex that we get from not living up to impossible standards set on TV and just relax a little bit.

All I’m trying to say is … I think you’re OK just the way you are.

Happy New Year!

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