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Chris Sansbury was born in Miami, Florida in the 1970’s. This combo has given her a strange love for humidity and immeasurably bad taste. After a brief time in Savannah, GA, she settled in a small artsy town off the Gulf of Mexico. She lives with her family, her cat and constant anxiety over climate change.

Chris has wanted to be a writer since the day it dawned on her why her scribble filled sketchbooks never had any drawings in them.


Many of the photos on this blog were taken by the honorable William J. Flynn, Jr.

Flynn was a respected leader in the Western New York legal community and New York State Supreme Court Judge. He died at the age of 94 on January 14, 2011.

A devoted husband and father to three children, Flynn spent his leisure time behind the lens. He left his family with a lifetime of photographic memories.

Many thanks to his family for their generosity to me with his images.