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A Mother’s Revenge

but why

“Why do you want revenge, Mom? Why? Why?”

3-YEAR-OLD: Why is the light on?

MOM: (sweetly) So I can see what I am doing.

3-YEAR-OLD: What are you doing?

MOM: Packing for our trip, remember?

3-YEAR-OLD: Are we ready to go?

MOM: (nicely) No, I am still packing.

3-YEAR-OLD: With the light on?

MOM: Uh huh.

3-YEAR-OLD: What is light?

MOM: Ummmm, what do you think?

3-YEAR-OLD: I don’t remember. Are we ready to go?

MOM: No, I’m still packing.

3-YEAR-OLD: But why do you need the light on?

MOM: So I can see my clothes that I want to put into my suitcase.

3-YEAR-OLD: Why do you need them in your suitcase?

MOM: So we can go on our trip.

3-YEAR-OLD: And you need the light on?

MOM: Yes.

3-YEAR-OLD: Can I turn it off?

MOM: Well, I still need it on, so I can see what I am packing.

3-YEAR-OLD: Why?

MOM: (a little agitated) I just told you why. What did I say?

3-YEAR-OLD: I can’t remember. Are we ready to go?

MOM: No, as you can see, I am still packing.

3-YEAR-OLD: And you need the light on?

MOM: Yes, I do.

3-YEAR-OLD: Why?

MOM: Why do you think?

3-YEAR-OLD: I can’t remember. Why do you still need to pack?

MOM: OK, no more “why” questions.

3-YEAR-OLD: Mom?

MOM: Yes?

3-YEAR-OLD: How is the light on?

MOM: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH (huffs out of the room)

13 Years Later 

MOM: How was your day?

16-YEAR-OLD: Fine.

MOM: What did you do?

16-YEAR-OLD: Nothing.

MOM: Did you learn anything fun in school?

16-YEAR-OLD: No.

MOM: Are you doing anything fun in your art class?

16-YEAR-OLD: No.

MOM: Science class?

16-YEAR-OLD: No.

MOM: Reading anything good in English?

16-YEAR-OLD: I don’t know.

MOM: What about that girl Shelly, have you seen her lately?

16-YEAR-OLD: (a little agitated) No, Mom.

MOM: She was nice. Are you going to see her soon?

16-YEAR-OLD: I don’t know.

MOM: Do you have anything coming up this weekend?

16-YEAR-OLD: No.

MOM: What about next week, are you doing anything exciting in school next week?

16-YEAR-OLD: ARGHHHHHHHHH. (huffs out of the room.)

MOM: (to herself) Hee-hee. (Loudly) What about college? Decided on a college?

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